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Leading Roofing Contractors in Colorado Springs, CO

BLU Roofing and Construction

BLU Roofing & Construction is a leading roofing contractor based in Colorado Springs serving Breckenridge, Summit County, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs CO and surrounding areas as a specialist in roof repair and roofing replacement. As an authorized roofing installer for every major roofing manufacturer, BLU roofing knows the strengths and weaknesses of every type of roofing system and how to apply the right one to your home or business. We can help you choose the best roof that adds lasting value to your investment at a price that’s within your budget. Located in Colorado Springs, BLU Roofing is the area’s trusted and go-to roofing contractor. We offer a full range of roofing services, from new roofs to roof repair and replacements. We believe that quality starts with service and endures with reliability—and we back up our work with the best guarantee in the business!

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Top Rated with Homeadvisor in Colorado Springs, CO

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We know that integrity and follow-through are as important to our satisfied customers as they are to us. BLU roofing is a 5-star rated roofing professional because we prioritize the needs of our customers! Our commitment to provide outstanding roofing service and superior roofing yields our clients with great confidence and satisfaction. Our Colorado roofing clients are the best and they deserve the best!

What we offer

The Best Roofing Services Near You

Roof Repair Services


Damage to a roof can occur at any time. The majority of these problems result from unpredictable weather, such as extreme sun exposure or wind, heavy rain, extreme temperatures, and so on. Even though these roofing issues may catch you off guard, we at BLU Roofing, your best roof repair company in Colorado Springs CO, will make sure they don’t last too long! Our customers are our top priority.

Roofing Installation & Replacement


With our new roof installation services, you will no longer have to worry about deterioration. Replace your roof and increase the value of your home. Whether your home is an existing one or new construction, our experts can assess it to determine what your best roofing option is. As a roof replacement company in Colorado Springs CO, we provide our customers with the highest quality service and installation of new roofs that exceed expectations.

Exteriors are our speciality

The exterior of your home or office is the first thing that people see—and your first line of defense against the elements. Let BLU Roofing apply the necessary expertise to ensure your exterior is the best it can be.

Our Guarantee

Our professional and reliable roofing service starts with our free, no-obligation inspection & estimate. BLU roofing will always be there to back contractor guarantees and manufacturers’ warranties. From roofing insurance claims to installation and service, our dedicated and courteous personnel will give your roofing project the time and attention it deserves. As experts in roofing and gutter installation, our promise is to provide customers with a standard of service that raises the bar in our industry. From start to finish, our roofing service aims to reinforce the value of your home and increase the aesthetic integrity of your community.


Free, no-obligation roof inspections for all our friends and neighbors in Breckenridge, Summit County, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs CO.


BLU Roofing is top-rated company with HomeAdvisor.

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From shingles, to siding, to stamped concrete patios, we can replace or repair any aspect of your home's exterior.

Freshly New

From shingles, to siding, to stamped concrete patios, we can replace or repair any aspect of your home’s exterior.

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Licensed, insured, and experienced, BLU is ready to bid competitively on commercial roofing projects of any scale.


Don’t have all the details yet? Make us part of your bid and quoting process. We’ll work with you from planning through project completion.

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Almost as important as shingles, your gutters are essential to channel water away from and protect your home.

Perfect Lines

Professionally installed gutters, gutter guards, and downspouts. Don’t call an infomercial hotline until you see our quote!

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It’s more important than profit, and it’s why our customers recommend us. Choose integrity—Choose BLU.


It’s more important than profit, and it’s why our customers recommend us. Choose integrity—Choose BLU.


It’s more important than profit, and it’s why our customers recommend us. Choose integrity—Choose BLU.


It’s more important than profit, and it’s why our customers recommend us. Choose integrity—Choose BLU.

Our Core Values

BLU Roofing is a family business, and the quality of our work reflects the same dedication and commitment to service. As a Christian-owned company, we believe there’s a higher authority to answer to, so we strive for transparency and doing the right thing by our customers and suppliers, every time.

Explore Recent Work

Check out these examples of projects we’ve done. You may see hail damage similar to what you’ve recently experienced, or a finished product that looks like what you’d like to accomplish. Don’t see anything familiar? Call us, and we’ll work with you to make a new picture.