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Colorado Springs Roofing Company, BLU Roofing is one of Colorado’s Top 25m 5-star rated roofing companies and has been serving the Colorado for over 20 years. From our humble Denver, beginnings in 2002, we have grown our company with the simple formula of a “Commitment to Quality and Excellence”. Our founder, J.R, believed that “No matter what…our customers deserve the best!” That legacy of “Commitment to Excellence” survives today. BLU Roofing is committed to providing the finest Colorado roofing products and the most trusted service in the industry.

Replacements With Trusted BLU Roofing Professionals

Your Colorado Springs roofing inspector from BLU roofing has been through rigorous and extensive training to be designated as an “Certified Inspector”. We invest heavily in our people to ensure they are the market leaders in knowledge and professionalism. Giving our customers the very best advice and consultation on their roof has been critical to our success over the past 20 years. If you think your home has damage due to hail or wind, read below to learn about our 5-step process that you will go through with a Certified Inspector from BLU roofing.

The BLU roofing 5 Step Re-Roofing Process

Step 1: Detailed Professional Roof Inspection

If you are concerned there is damage to your roof system, the first step is to have a Professional Roof Inspection completed. Roofs are a dangerous place for most homeowners, so getting a Professional Roofing Inspector to complete an inspection is always recommended. Call us at 719-287-1030 to arrange a professional inspection of your roofing system from a BLU Roofing Certified Inspector.

Your BLU roofing Certified Inspector has extensive training in assessing weather related damage along with a complete understanding of the Insurance Claim processes. Our highly trained Certified Estimators are experts in identifying damage that most untrained eyes may overlook. If damage is determined, your BLU roofing Certified Inspector will provide you with pictures, an inspection summary and all other information needed to submit a claim. With a whole lot of experience working with all insurance companies, we can properly assist you through the entire process. Call 719-287-1030 today or fill out our Contact form to get started today.

Step 2: Insurance Claim Submission and Approval

If your roof is determined to have un-repairable damage due to hail or wind, your Insurance company will need to verify the damage and approve a claim for replacement. BLU has been working with homeowners for over 20 years and we understand the process for excellence in roof replacement. Your Certified roofing Inspector can help answer questions you may have during the process. If the Insurance company agrees that your hail/wind damage is covered under your policy, you will receive an approval for replacement. This is when all the fun begins!

Step 3: Choosing Your New Roof!

BLU Roofing is certified at the highest levels by the Top Roof Manufacturers. We are preferred roofing contractors with Owens Corning. These elite credentials from the top Roofing Manufacturers lends you several benefits including a fantastic variety of roofing options, warranties, and colors to design your own BLU Roofing System. Roofing materials have made tremendous advancements and a new BLU Roofing System will add tremendous value and can enhance your home’s curb appeal with a fresh new look! Your Certified Roofing Professional from BLU roofing can assist you in designing your own BLU Roofing System that you will ensure your peace of mind!

Step 4: Roof Installation and Setup

Installing your new roofing system is a big job. We must first remove and dispose of the old--damaged roof, being careful to keep your yard and surrounding area clean of debris. Next, we remove all underlayment down to the roof deck and prepare with underlayment to prevent any wind driven rain from reaching the roof deck. Your new shingles are installed along with advanced ventilation systems that help keep your attic cooler in summer to prevent damage to the roof system over the years. Call 719-287-1030 today or fill out our contact form.

Step 5: Final Roof Inspection and Warranty

After your roof is installed, we make sure to carefully circle your property for remaining debris and clean the entire work area. We want your home and landscaping to be just as we found it before your new roof was installed. We will inspect the new roof to ensure it is properly installed and will meet the warranty specifications for coverage. Your warranty and our Commitment to Excellence ensures your roof will be properly covered and managed throughout the years of warranty coverage.

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