Gutters and Downspouts


Leaky gutters can cause roof and siding damage

BLU Roofing & Construction is a professional Gutters and Downspouts, repair expert serving Breckenridge, Summit County, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs CO, and surrounding areas. Our roofers understand everything about a roofing system including the proper drainage system to install with every style of roof. You can trust that our gutter installations and repairs will be done professionally. Catching the problem early can save you a bundle.

It’s a simple as diverting water

As easy as “diverting water” sounds, it’s actually an intense job for the gutters around your home’s roof. Water is literally a force of nature, and over time it simply wears away whatever it comes in contact with. Gutters and downspouts are no exception.

When gutters begin to leak, they’re no longer diverting all the water away from your home. Moisture damage can occur to the roof, fascia / soffit, siding, and pooling water can even damage your home’s foundation and landscaping. Leaks aren’t always easy to detect. But the trained professionals at BLU Roofing will specifically look for the signs during our free inspection, and alert you to the problem before it gets out of hand.

Regular maintenance and simple repairs—if done early—will cost very little compared to the damage that can occur if the problem goes unnoticed and is left untreated.

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If you’re interested in gutter guards or leaf catchers, please don’t sign with the guys on TV commercials until you give us a chance to quote the job! We’ll help you understand the potential costs and benefits of one of these systems compared with regular maintenance, and ultimately save you money. Contact us today for Gutters and Downspouts repair services in Breckenridge, Summit County, Castle Rock, Colorado Springs CO, or surrounding areas.

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Help with Insurance

The wind and hail storms that roll through Colorado every year often damage the roofing on many residential properties. This damage can significantly shorten the life of your roof, and even minor damage can lead to bigger problems in the future if it isn’t dealt with.

But the good news is, your insurance covers you!

Even if you aren’t experiencing leaks right now, there could still be significant storm damage that you aren’t aware of. Minor damage must be identified and addressed promptly to prevent wind and water infiltration that can lead to major damage. Dealing with the small problems now is much cheaper than paying for the bigger problems later. Your roofing investment is one of the most important and valuable parts of your property. With a FREE Roofing Inspection from BLU Roofing, you can help protect that investment.

BLU Roofing is on Your Side

In most cases, your insurance will cover repairs or replacement as a result of storm damage. BLU Roofing will help you with the insurance claims process from start to finish, making sure you receive fair treatment from your insurer and get EVERYTHING you deserve under your coverage. With many years of experience dealing with insurance companies and adjusters, our specialists know exactly what to look for and can help you understand what you’re qualified for from the start.

Know your rights

If you do have hail damage or wind damage on your roof, you don’t have to be afraid to file a claim!

Your insurance company cannot cancel or fail to renew your policy due to a storm damage claim. Although your insurance rates could fluctuate due to heavy storm damage in your area over time (whether or not you personally file a claim), your insurance company cannot raise your rates on the basis of your individual storm damage claim.

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